MMA Most Wanted
Fight Pics
Jose "The GENERAL" Loza
fighting in the btf
Sept. 4th, 2011!

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 MMA Most Wanted - Fighter
Jose "The GENERAL" Loza!



MMA Most Wanted - Fighter
Jose "The GENERAL" Loza @
BTF Weigh-ins.


MMA Most Wanted - Ruben Lopez & Fighter Jose "The GENERAL" Loza
@ weigh-ins.


MMA Most Wanted - Fighter
Jose "The GENERAL" Loza at
the BTF weigh-ins

BTF Fight Card
Sept. 4th, 2011.

Mike's Automotive

Jose "The GENERAL" Loza signing-in.

Fighters weigh-in  - stare down -
Marco Orozco on the left.


MMA Most Wanted - Fighter -
 Jose "The GENERAL" Loza
vs Michael Ortega.

OK Fitness Weigh-in'ss

Fighter stare down. Casey on the right.

Artwork at tthe Saddlerack.

Cung Le and Javier Mendez

Born to Fight Series

MMA fighters ready to square off!


Fighter weighing in.

MMA Fighters face-off.
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