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You DON'T want to miss #DH24 on Nov. 12th, 2016!
Buy your tickets or pay-per-view at

The question remains ~
Have you heard of @DragonHouseMMA?

We want to make sure you've heard of Dragon House MMA. They're one of the best MMA teams and fight promotions in the #BayArea.  Zhong Luo is founder & Sifu and promoter at Dragon House martial arts gym and promotion in San Francisco, California.

Get ready for Dragon House MMA #24 at #KezarPavilion on Nov. 12, 2016!
With #DH24 less than 2 weeks away in "The City" and #PPV available, there's no reason to miss another one of their great shows!  We had such a blast at their last show #DH23, that we want to psyche you up for #DH24.

DON'T miss #DH24 at #KezarPavilion on Nov. 12th, 2016!
Buy your tickets or pay-per-view at

 @DragonHouseMMA puts on great shows with some of the best teams in the sport, full of mma action and provides Pay-Per-View programming at a
affordable price of $19.99. Here is the Link to the #STACKEDCARD set for Dragon House MMA #DH24 on 11/12/16! Their last event
was such a huge success, we want to show you a few of our pics!

@DragonHouseMMA 23 - Main event picture
Justin Baesman vs Mauricio Alonso

@MMAMostWanted - Founder - @TheRubenLopez
with the #beautiful @DragonHouseMMA #23 #ringgirls


@DragonHouseMMA 23 - Main event picture of #SuperManPunch
Justin Baesman vs Mauricio Alonso

We enjoy driving to the city to watch @DragonHouseMMA at their regular venue, #KezarPavilionSF. We've been to several #DragonHouseMMA shows: #5, #11, #14, #22, and #23. Their regular venue, Kezar Pavilion, is located in San Francisco, is approx. 50 miles from our @MMAMostWanted headquarters in Union City, Ca.

@DragonHouseMMA 23
Tyson Griffin preparing and his
Performance Fitness Gym fighter!

@DragonHouseMMA 23
Ground and pound action at #DH23

@DragonHouseMMA 23
Dragoon House MMA team pictures, post fight!

It's less than 2 weeks away from their next show, Dragon House MMA #24 at the #KezarPavilion in San Francisco on Saturday, November 12th, 2016. 2016!

Check out the fighters scheduled to fight at #DH24 on 11/12/16:
Shawn Bunch vs Josh San Diego
Angela Samaro vs Nicole Johnson
Jordan Powell vs Michael Ortega
Lee Roy Castro vs Thomas Ponce De Leon
Neale Johnson vs Ivan Batinich
Erica Godinez vs Allison Schmidt
James Kirby vs Mauricio Blanco
Jason Pacheco vs Daniel Gonzalez
Nelson Ocampo vs Bardy Huang
Adam Cruz vs Nohelin Hernandez
Daniel Ruiz vs Tony Nguyen
James Spear vs Juan Cardenas
Richard Rigmaden vs Zachary Andrews
Jordan Mapa vs David Skuba
Kevin Espinoza vs Gavin Hallinan
Alex Mira vs Brian Stegner
Joshua Schilling vs Juan Avalos
Ronnie Oyler vs Tony Nguyen

Contact Info.:
Dragon House MMA gym
4696 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94112
DH24 11/12/16 #PPV available Click Here
Office: 415-349-4467
Fax: 415-349-4408

The fighter weigh-in's are on Nov 11th 2:00pm,
at 4696 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94112
Will be open to the public. Come and meet the fighters,
get autographs and meet the promoter, Zhong Luo!

The day of the fights Sat. Nov. 12th, 2016
the #KezarPavilion doors open at 4pm and
fights are generally over by 9:30pm.

As you can tell they've put a lot of work into creating another amazing card of fights! There will be amateur and professional fighters from local gyms that are some of the best in the sport. You never know who you will see at the fights with great local teams like American Kickboxing Academy, Gracie Fighter, El Nino Training Center, Dragon House MMA, Performance Fitness MMA and many others! Occasionally their will be a celebrity fighter supporting their teammates.


@DragonHouseMMA #11 picture
@TheRubenLopez and @GilbertMelendez from @ElNinoTraining

There are several MMA shows in the #BayArea. We really enjoy the fact that @DragonHouseMMA consistently puts on GREAT SHOWS! If you're ever in San Francisco be sure to visit the #DragonHouseMMA gym at 4696 Mission St., San Francisco, Ca. and say hi to Zhong Luo and team!


@DragonHouseMMA team after #DH23

@DragonHouseMMA - Sifu - Zhong Luo and his fighter!


You DON'T want to miss #DH24 on Nov. 12th, 2016!
Buy your ticktets or pay-per-view at

You don't have to miss another @DragonHouseMMA event with afffordable Pay-Per-View available at www.DragonHouseMMA.com Be sure to make time for yourself before the holiday rush! You deserve to watch a LIVE MMA show in "The City!" There's going to be lots of action and excitement at #DH24! Order your tickets or Pay-Per-View today at www.DragonHouseMMA.com  The day of the fights the doors to the Kezar Pavilion open at 4pm, the fights are generally over around 9:30pm and you still have time to enjoy San Francisco.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Dragon House MMA. We think their doing great things and wanted you to know about their org and events.Thank you  for your time and support! Perhaps, we'll see you at one of @DragonHouseMMA events!

Be sure to support your local mma shows and
your friends at @MMAMostWanted!
Thank you. ~ @TheRubenLopez

MMA’s Most Wanted

Article written by

Ruben Lopez

Founder - MMA's Most Wanted


Special Thanks to:
Sifu & Promoter - Zhong Luo
Dragon House MMA
4696 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94112
DH24 11/12/16 #PPV available Click Here
Office: 415-349-4467
Fax: 415-349-4408


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