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Nate James MMA!


Nathan “Nate” James – Heart & Soul for MMA

Nathan “Nate” James has dedicated much of his heart and soul to sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). This is evident by the years he’s spent training, teaching, and growing as a martial artist and person. Nate is a crafty veteran of Strikeforce, various promotions throughout the state and now fights for @BellatorMMA. Nate has evolved with the sport and is training hard to make his mark in the Bellator’s Middleweight Division.

Raised by his Mother, watching her work hard and make sacrifices, Nate developed a strong sense of character and work ethic at an early age. After wrestling in high school, Nate chose to focus on wrestling in college. Nate wrestled at Georgia State University (GSU) and Lindenwood University. After a few years Nate met a group of guys that trained in BJJ and wanted to fight in mixed martial arts to continue his competitive aspirations along with health and exercise. 

Nate has been wrestling for 17 years, training in BJJ for 7 years and has been fighting since 2007. Nate has been there to open the gym, teaching classes, helping future generations and training with the best to become his best.

For many years Nate worked and trained at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) Gym in San Jose. There he opened the gym, taught students, helped young fighters and trained with some the sports best fighters to develop and enhance his fighting skills. Nate has a wrestling background in high school and college and works as a wrestling coach for Los Gatos High School.

To be come the best, Nate continues to train with the best fighters in the sport like Cain Velasquez, Jon Fitch, Mike Swick, Paul Buentello, Todd Duffee, Tony Johnson, Jake Shields and many more.

Nate currently teaches and trains at Claudio Franca BJJ San Jose and cross trains at Bay Area gyms like El Nino Training Center, Parabellum Training Centers, IB Strong Gym, Just Breathe Yoga and Club Sport.  We really enjoy watching Nate fighting in the cage, grappling and teaching others.


With a strong background in wrestling and BJJ, Nate uses his techniques to control his opponent, take them down and beat them silly! Nate has a very respectable record of 14-8-1 and if you check, he’s always fought quality opponents.

In fact, @NateJamesMMA has been steadily fighting more difficult opponents throughout his career - 14 victories – 2 by KO, 4 submissions and 4 decisions.  He has 8 losses, 4 by submission and 4 by decision. *Interesting fact that Nate has NOT been KO’d by any of his professional opponents.

As you can probably tell by now, Nate has given his heart and soul to the sport of MMA. Along the way Nate has become the ultimate teacher, trainer, leader, announcer and motivational speaker.  We always look forward to seeing and hearing Nate announcing and competing at local shows.  We really appreciate the fact that Nate always makes time for his fans.

Nate James is an all around great person and fighter. We’re always impressed with how friendly, respectful and honorable Nate James really is. We follow @NateJamesMMA on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope. Follow #NateJamesMMA if you like MMA, healthy eating, fitness, exercise and good humor.

Eating healthy and exercising is a large part of Nate’s daily life. In fact, we are starting to call him “Gluten Free Nate” because it’s “going gluten free,” that truly started his health journey.

You’ll see @NateJamesMMA teaching, exercising social networking, sharing many interesting, educational, posts, pics, videos and comments. We really admire how Nate does a great job of giving back to his sponsors not only by training & fighting, by social networking and helping spread word about their products and services.

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You can find Nate James teaching & training at Claudio Franca gym in San Jose, teaching wrestling at Los Gatos High school or working at one of the Bay Area gyms mentioned above!


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Mixed Martial Arts is a tough game that only a few brave combat sports warriors decide to do, to challenge and prove themselves.  Nate has always been competitive and truly enjoys the challenges, tribulations and rewards of competition.  Sportsmanship, truth and honor have been his guiding principles along his path.

We truly admire and respect Nate James as a person, critical thinker, fighter and friend. Be sure to look up Nate James MMA on Youtube and you will find his video “I LOVE MMA VIDEO” by Nakama. You’ll hear from Nate James himself why he has given his heart and soul for MMA.


Ruben Lopez
Founder - MMA's Most Wanted


Special Thanks to:

Nate "Gluten Free" James
PRO MMA Fighter 170 lbs, California
Bellator MMA

Nate James MMA

Claudio Franca
14442 Union Ave.
San Jose, CA 95124
(408) 377-8577


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