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MMA Most Wanted - Visits
Unlimited MMA & Fitness

MMA's Most Wanted visited Rudi Ott's, Unlimited MMA & Fitness in Milpitas, California. Rudi Ott, head coach,
welcomed us into his gym for a tour and a chance to meet
fighter Josh "JSD" San Diego before
his TPF23 fight.

When we first drove up to Unlimited MMA & Fitness
(UMMAF),  I thought to my myself, "it looks like a palace."
See the picture of the front.


Unlimited MMA & Fitness is located inside Fitness for $10
facility along with other high quality health and spa services.
  UMMAF has a very nice gym with many students,
staff and fighters. Rudi Ott is a excellent coach, trainer
and fighter. Rudi also has a vast amount of health, fitness, MMA, San Shou, BJJ & kickboxing experience.

We observed several classes like MMA, BJJ, CrossFit and
the Unlimited MMA fight team. All of the classes had great
energy and participants celebrated with each other at the end
of each class. #teamwork

Rudi Ott and his coaches have dialed in a variety of programs that help people improve their overall health and reached
their desired goals.

Here are Unlimited MMA & Fitness programs:

Cardio & Conditioning

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Mixed Martial Arts

Fast Fit

Workout of the day W.O.D.

Kids & Juniors

The Unlimited MMA fight team is 25 fighters strong,
both men and women.
One of Unlimited MMA's fighters,
Josh "JSD" San Diego was busy cutting weight for his fight
in two days.
  We were excited to meet and talk with "JSD." 
When we met Josh he walked into the room dripping sweat
from head to toe (socks).

Josh told us he was on target to lose weight gradually
leading up this fight in Tachi Palace Fights 23 in Lemoore, California on a Thursday, May 7th, 2015. Rudi said he has people fighting every month in events across the nation
and internationally.

We enjoyed talking with Josh and will be writing a article
about him and a video clip of him as well. Stay tuned for that.

We really appreciate Josh "JSD" San Diego's time and
support. It was a blast watching him fight in #TPF23
streaming on MMAJunkie.com. Just like JSD said, he
utilizes his "stand-up game," the fight goes the ground
where "JSD" wins by submission. #EPIC  Great job Josh & Unlimited MMA fight team!  Be sure to visit his Josh "JSD"
San Diego's facebook athlete page and show support for a
great fighter.

While preparing to leave UMMAF we met Sean and Mark
Climaco. The brothers were fighting in Arise Fighting Championship 3 on Sat. May 9th, 2015. It's great to see
two Unlimited MMA fight team members, that are family members, training and competing together.
  The following weekend we saw both Sean and Mark fight live and win at #ARISEFC3 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
What a great show!


Unlimited MMA & Fitness is doing great things in the sport
by providing a great atmosphere for people to learn about
mixed martial arts, fitness, health, morals and teamwork. UMMAF's core principles include hard work, discipline. accomplishment and their slog
"What is your limit?"

We really enjoyed visiting Unlimited MMA & Fitness in
Milpitas, California. Everyone was very friendly, supportive
and worked well together. We recommend you visit their
gym in the near future to learn more about their classes, services and team.

Special thanks to Rudi Ott, head coach at Unlimited MMA & Fitness for his support and friendship. We also want to
thank Josh, Price and team for their time and effort.
We look forward to learning more about their UMMAF
programs and meeting more of the Unlimited MMA
fight team.

 What makes Unlimited MMA & Fitness stand out amongst
the crowd, are their staff.  UMMAF has a very experienced
staff that work with members to achieve results.

Look for Unlimited MMA fight team on TV, visit their website, facebook page and remember you can always find them in Milpitas, California!

Order a T-shirt or Hat, their REALLY COOL looking!

Thanks for reading.

Ruben Lopez

Founder of

MMA's Most Wanted





Unlimited MMA & Fitness

1000 Jacklin Road

Milpitas, CA.  95035

Phone (408) 946-2151



M-F  7am to 9pm

Sat   9am to 4pm

Sun  Closed


Unlimited MMA & Fitness classes:

Workout of the Day


Kickboxing Conditioning


Kids Kickboxing (4-10)

Juniors Kickboxing (11-16)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu no gi

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - gi

Thai Pads

Muay Thai Level 1

Muay Thai Level 2


Fight Team drills & sparring




Self Defined

Muay Thai Addict


Josh "JSD" San Diego

MMA fighter

Facebook page




Fitness for $ 10
1000 Jacklin Road
Milpitas, CA. 95035

Phone:  (408) 946-2151

Fitnessfor10 - Milpitas Website


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