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Dec. 31st, 2012

Ruben Lopez
MMA Most Wanted

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American Battle Championship's incredible act of kindness!

This being my first article, I wanted to share a great story about an unexpected act of kindness for one of our MMA Most Wanted friends. Our new friends at American Battle Championships (Fight ABC) decided to go out of their way to help one of our great friends, Debbie Gamble!

MMA Most Wanted is a community of fans, friends and teammates from all over the world. One of our awesome friends, Debbie Gamble, lives in Florida and really enjoys attending local mma events! Debbie is also an American Battle Championships (Fight ABC) fan and supporter.

Debbie Gamble, was talking about wanting to go to the American Battle Championships - Rumble # 14 event on Oct. 15th, 2012. So we, MMA Most Wanted, contacted American Battle Championships and spoke with Founder / Promoter, Sky Moiseichik. We asked him to provide our friend with complimentary tickets. Sky was very friendly and helpful. He showed compassion and support by agreeing to provide Debbie Gamble with free tickets!

That’s amazing! When someone all the way across the USA is willing to help one of our friends! That’s something. Thank you American Battle Championships, Sky Moiseichik for
your amazing support.

We were very excited for Debbie and looked forward to her attending the American Battle Championships –Rumble # 14. There was just one thing preventing Debbie Gamble from making it out to the Fight ABC show, a ride. Since Debbie utilizes a motorized wheelchair, she finds it difficult to get-around, especially for evening events!

For the next two weeks Debbie and I tried to find a friend that could take Debbie to and from the fights! After a while it seemed as though Debbie's complimentary tickets might not be used. Debbie even looked into special transportation companies for a ride to the show. Unfortunately, she couldn't find a friend with a truck or a company that provides special transportation services in the evening.

A few days before the show, I gave American Battle Championships’ promoter, Sky Moiseichik, a call to keep him posted on the situation. Sky asked me if I had heard. To our amazement, Sky Moiseichik offered to pick up Debbie Gamble and take her to the Fight ABC – Rumble # 14 show, provide a free ticket and a ride home. That’s great I told Sky and how much we appreciate their incredible support.

Sky contacted his friends at Auto Mobility Sales and they donated the use of a special wheelchair van conversion for Sky to help Debbie. American Battle Champions, Sky Moisechik and Auto Mobility Sales were going to come through for Debbie Gamble in a big way! WOW! Thank you for the awesome support!

Sky told me that he really wanted to help one of our great MMA Most Wanted friends. I was very surprised to find out that Sky himself, the founder and promoter of the American Battle Championships show was going to personally, pick up our friend, take her to the show and driver her home. That’s incredible! One of our new friends was going to help out one of our amazing MMA Most Wanted friends! From all the way across the U.S. someone wanted to help. That’s amazing.

On Oct. 15th, 2012, Sky Moiseichik and his friend picked up Debbie Gamble and chauffeured her to the American Battle Champions - Rumble # 14 event in a specially designed wheelchair van conversion. Debbie said she had a great time at the show and she’s incredibly thankful for the kindness and support from American Battle Championships (Fight ABC), Sky Moiseichik and Auto Mobility Sales in
S.E. Florida!

Such compassion and support! Debbie has tried to explain just how much that experience meant to her! She says it really meant a lot for everyone involved to come together and give her such a great gift!

In fact, Sky Moiseichik and his American Battle Championships were able to repeat the incredible act of kindness for their Nov. 19th, 2012 show as well! Can you imagine? That is incredible! Debbie will be forever grateful for all of the love and support shown to her.

American Battle Championships has a new venue at The Venue Fort Lauderdale. Although, Debbie lives a longer distance away from the Fight ABC show, we hope that she will be able to make future events!

Again, we would like to thank American Battle Championships, Sky Moiseichik and Auto Mobility Sales for all of their kindness and support! Without great friends, we would not be able to do great things.

We wanted to end 2012 on a positive note….. we hope that all you will be inspired to help out someone in need of a little help. There’s strength in community. We can achieve amazing things in the name of community spirit!

Thanks for reading.

Ruben Lopez
MMA's Most Wanted

Special Thanks to:

- Debbie Gamble for her friendship, support and all that she does to help out local MMA!

- Sky Moiseichik - the promoter behind the popular amateur MMA show, American Battle Championships (Fight ABC) out of Florida!

American Battle Championships has their 2013 Kick-Off Event planned for Jan. 21st, 2013 at The Venue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Be sure to hit them up for tickets or just to tell them “Great job!”

Here is the contact info for ABC and friends. Thank you!

American Battle Championships
Sky Moiseichik - Founder / Promoter
@ The Venue Fort Lauderdale
2345 Wilton Drive, Fort. Lauderdale, Florida 33305

Website: http://www.fightabc.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/americanbattle.championships

Auto Mobility Sales – Serving South East, Florida.

There are still people out there willing to help others. Amazing!


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